blogging venture….let’s try this out again


I’ve blogged under quite a few different blogs and would change names after a while b/c the intent of the blog didn’t go alongside what I was writing.  This blog is what I’m about now and will be about for a long time to come unless I mysteriously win the lottery I never play. 😉

This blog will cover the following topics (+/-):

+Frugality & Saving Money
+Being a full time career mom while really wanting to be a work from home mom
+Motherhood & Parenting
+Paying off debt
+Our families goals and wants
+Personal growth and gripes

This blog will not cover:
+Cleaning tips
+Ways to sell yourself or your blog

While I will take sponsorships, giveaways and the sort. I will also post random things or products that helps my family save time or better our lives. While we want to save money, being happy and saving time is also worth a lot of money to us. Some things I’ve researched to death only to find my time wasted and no better than before; while others I have found tried and true methods of what works best for my family.


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