Responsibility vs Passion (or lack there of)


Tackling debt is like taking on a bully and you know you need the force to help you do so. Same with debt. The more disposable income that is at your fingertips, the further you can push your debt down. This is and has been a difficult struggle as what I do for my career is something I excel at, however, it is not something I enjoy (the environment, not the work). However, it pays bills and we have disposable income to tackle down the debt and fast. Money is money. It does buy happiness, b/c it does buy down debt. Becoming debt free is one of our happiness measures for our family. Along with money comes the lack of wanting to not wanting to venture from it. Where I stand currently, I’m pretty static for a while in terms of income b/c my field doesn’t pay as well as other fields, I had to venture in a field that my background usually doesn’t serve. While it’s not my passion, it brings home closer to home, as in paying down our mortgage and debt.

I am very fortunate to have these ‘1st world problems’, but my problems will someday (and have been) taken a toll on my mental and physical health. It is very draining to do something you don’t love doing anymore b/c of the environment. However, your passions are put to the side b/c they don’t pay well (or even pay) at all. Right now family is first, getting us settled into a place that is debt free is first along goals. Later in life we can have the passion, but right now it’s the responsibility of paying back what is due.


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