Checking any ghosts


Well it’s on my shorten goal list for this quarter and I’ve delayed it enough this year. I plan to check all of our credits this month (even our children). I’m not expecting any surprises, nor do I want any. I need to make sure 1) there are no surprises (circa 2004 incident again) and 2) all my debtors over the past year has reported debt being paid in full.

In 2004, I checked my credit and low and behold, I was suddenly a man with a cell phone contract opened in a completely different state. Sprint opened this account and I asked them: 1) does it sound like I’m a man (the name used was a shorten version of my name) 2) did you check any verification? I have to deal Sprint, a credit collecting agency, and multiple mailings to the Big 3 credit agencies to get that removed. I could of paid the expense but that would of stayed on my credit report although it would have been cheaper and took less time in the long run; but it wasn’t me.

I’m hoping it goes smooth and I don’t find anything crazy since it’s been two years since we’ve pulled them. In those 2 years, we’ve paid off all our debt except mortgage so I’m hoping that makes us look good. I’m also hoping I get some ‘mommy alone’ time this weekend to do paperwork like this.


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