Cleaning time


With today being a MLK day and I have the day off work, I’ve been working hard to get my kitchen cleaned up some. You know you go day in and day out always saying “I need to clean up that right there” or “I need to get those out of the cabinets”. Well I’m trying to do that, like a good, through cleaning. All the while I’m trying to ‘potty train’ a 2.5 yr old, which is not easy. He’s sitting the in bathroom right now singing to his letters video on the iPad. I’m just anxiously awaiting for him to ‘accidently’ pee again while watching and praising him. He’s will sit in there for hours, albeit if the iPad is in there. We’ve been trying all weekend and I really hope he’s understanding a little of what we are doing (or what he is doing).

My goal for today is to pay some bills and pull those credit reports! I need to finish cleaning up some of the kitchen, doing some laundry, feeding two little ones (and myself for once today), and tackle them. This is usually what happens on my days off and holidays. I spent all the time in the world just cleaning and cleaning.

I was reading another blog last night over minimalism. When I start thinking about it, it is really hard to be a minimalism, a family with kids, and frugal. Here’s why: when stuff is on sale (or super cheap with a coupon sometimes), you want to stock up on it. Or you want to stock up on things you absolutely cannot handle as a family when it’s out aka toilet paper. I always want extra toilet paper. Nothing worse than being out at the wrong time. Also you want to get rid of everything! If you are type borderline A like me and want things to be clean otherwise you can’t fully relax, you want it all just gone. However, then you want more ‘efficient’ or ‘effective’ products. Like right now I have about 4 old hospital canisters I use to take my water to work. Well I’m like ‘those take up a lot of space and always washing those.’ Then I think ‘well I would really like to buy a new fancy Sigg or insert name of fancy water bottle here’, with the expectation that I (or my husband) would wash/clean it nightly for the next day. That means I’m paying for more stuff, which is ridiculous. Also while cleaning the kitchen I thought I keep all the extra 15 little medicine things you get with medicine bottles and use those for craft time for paint or something. No, I didn’t need to do that. I did throw them away b/c we always get more. It’s the little things that you are seriously wasting time thinking about. I’m all for reuse/recycle/reinvent, but man when will I stop spending all my time thinking about these small, unnecessary, ridiculous items and get on with my life. I’m constantly always in the stage of ‘purging’, yet I keep buying.

My husband and I talked about finances the other night. I’m more of the bookkeeper around here though. Another goal I have for myself for the next month (I want to say year, but I need to take it month by month) is to quit buying kids clothes. I need to look through the next size I have stowed away from them and make sure they have all the basics and make a list of what they do not have (aka like little guy needs a coat for next year) and when I go shopping, I can view the clearance/sales section and see if I find something off the list, but nothing more. Now for this to work, I really just need to stay away from the store (aka Target and Children’s Place). I just ended up spending $100 a few weeks ago on getting the next couple sizes up jeans, and a coat for little girl for next year, and lots of cute shirts. I got really good deals (like $2 shirts and $5 jeans (hard to find cheaper jeans, sizes usually aren’t there)).

Back to wanting to sell everything, I did manage to sell our jumperoo that little girl outgrew. Most of the bigger items of ‘baby’ things I’ve sold on craigslist, but I still have about 7-8 BIG tubs of clothes. From brand new with tags to worn once, we really overbought clothes and like crazy. I really need to sell all that but it takes a lot of time and I just don’t have that right now to devout. Usually there is a local community sale I did well last year at and I’ll attend this year…but I know I’m sitting on a lot of money right there and space.


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