IRA and other acronyms


I’ve been researching IRA’s and where to even start. I have no clue. I’m new to all of this and the info I find isn’t current 2012 info. We don’t have a ‘local’ guy and I rather go with a company that will stay around. I just know we need to start one each for retirement/kids college. We got to find a place first.

We need a Roth IRA even though I don’t plan to make more in retirement than now. We have $1000 to start each fund and we can contribute at least $75 monthly. I believe we want mutual fund base, basically something that can sit and draw. We are completely new to this and I just know of terms and not how it all works (besides for my 401k at work which is very small). We need to make this happen. This is my January 2012 goal.

I saw some things about the Vanguard STAR…but looks like a high expense overhead? Also I saw something about a Barclay Bonds and those looked to be doing well? See how lost I am…

Do you have any advice?
Do you know of a current IRA laydown by another fellow PF blogger?


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