IRA’s opened: CHECK!


Well we did it. We both got Roth IRA’s opened up today. I have no clue in what it all means, but I just know that we both opened one and picked a portfolio that was already pre-built? I don’t know if that is the correct term, but something is open at least. I will have to figure out our budget and call up the IRA place to make sure we are all good and see if we need minimum investments to evade annual fees.

I need to follow up on the credit reports for this year to make sure they are all clear and good and everything was taken care. I am very proud of us though having done these couple things alone this month.

We are trying to plan a vacation but it’s proving to be a little difficult. We want to drive as with 2 toddlers it would be very burdensome right now to try and fly. So that means we are looking at places like Texas (Austin? Dallas?) or Arkansas (Eureka Springs?). We found the tree houses in Eureka Springs we’ve wanted to go to for a while, but they do not allow children so that is a big bummer. Most hotels or Bed/Breakfast’s look outdated and kinda gross.

Anyone have any great recommendations for the Texas/Arkansas/Missouri area to vacation with toddlers? We were thinking Colorado but that would put us at a 10 hr drive and that’s probably too much to handle drive time for all of us. We were thinking a vacation in April and a hotel or inn that is kid friendly and a nice place.

Next on our list is to get tax information together and get those done. I’m not looking forward b/c it’s a lot of work and no payoff. We usually break even with state and federal taxes which is good, but again a drag.

I have bought a few more cloth diapers (prefolds) to try with our covers we already have. I’m trying to find a good solution that we can send to daycare and quit buying those $35-$45 boxes monthly of disposables. Our 2.5yr old has really been trying hard potty training, although he will still wear disposables at daycare. I’ve thought about the Flip Training Pants, but haven’t decided. I think I’m liking the Econobums prefolds with our Weehugger covers. I also got some Bumgenius pockets that we are loving already as well. I was a Fuzzibum lover, but I really like the suede cloth inside the Bumgenius. The hard part will be figuring out what to send baby girl to school in that her cloth diaper will fit in since some of these aren’t the trimmest options. I believe I may have enough pockets to send to daycare and then I may have enough prefolds for another option as well. I haven’t decided as we are trying our new fluff out this weekend. But I am getting a little more comfortable that I will get something out of the $ I’ve spent on cloth diapers vs nothing out of all the trash disposables we’ve bought.


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