Cloth diapers: 0 Life: 1


So we finished up week 1 of cloth diapers at daycare only to have a missing Fuzzibunz OS yesterday. 😦 These aren’t cheap so I’m bummed out as we barely have a stash. I’m going shopping today and seeing if the Flips B1G1 promotion with GMD red edge will work for daycare as that costs a whole lot less than a just 1 FB.

Then when I get home a Weehugger cover was ripped to shreds by our dogs. They are really good dogs and never tear up or destroy anything. Somehow this cover with its bamboo flaps enticed them. The dogs have access to our laundry room and I guess that cover was at the top of the pile. 😦 So I’ll also be buying a hanging wet bag today.

Then my other thing with cloth yesterday was that cottonbabies sent me 2 of one color instead of the colors I picked. Nothing big, but still…I really wanted what I had picked and not duplicates. If you are a cloth mama, you know what I mean about the colors.

Today we have a local baby bazaar which I’m gonna try and sell our more used clothes for cheap, cheap and earn a few bucks to go buy some more cloth for our stash.

I’m hating the urine smell in the morning from disposables and really considering wool, but that’s a whole new ball game for me….so that may stay in the backburner. Hoping today I get the stash things I need and they work!


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