Weekend Round Up


Tried the local Baby Bazaar yesterday and after my time, trouble, and $ to enter…I only made $15.   I think I’m done with the local sales like that.  Cost (time, fees) > outcome ($).  I did, however, get some more cloth diaper pieces yesterday.  Note: THIS PART IS ONLY INTERESTING TO CLOTH DIAPERING CRAZIES.  You’ve been warned! 😉

We got some red edge and yellow edge GMD prefolds.  The yellow are perfect in Weehugger covers and the red are perfect in our new Flip covers (there is a B1G1 free sale going on right now, so these are a super great (and budget friendly) deal.  I can’t believe I didn’t know about this world with my son.  The money we could of saved from cloth vs disposables.  We also finally got a decent Planetwise large wet bag.  Although it’s currently full at the moment (I may need another one soon….), it does it’s purpose and bonus: you can’t smell anything bad in our bathroom!  I am still not in for a diaper sprayer yet, unless I find a really good deal.  I plan on making some vlogs soon when I get my hubby to fix up some of the technical pieces around here (like my theme and host me on a site other than wordpress).

Today my husband (after listening about how to use the new prefolds, etc) has his portfolio almost ready for his dream job he is applying.  It’s in another state and in the field he’s been wanting to go into since he was 18.  This is a big step for him as he likes comfort and friends he has at his worksite, but he really wants it.  I really hope he gets an opportunity for an interview, b/c that is where he shines.  He’s really good at what he does and he does a lot in minimal time (basically he’s the guy you go to when something was due yesterday and you need it then).  I’m still on the look out for other opportunities.  Call me a Gen-X’er, but I do get mentality bored in the same ol’ in and out days and I like new things, new challenges.  I believe my peak is 3 years (which is now) at a position that is the same ol’ routines for me to shine and help develop the company, then I’m ready for newer things.

I’m still very excited though that we are getting our mortgage slowly, but surely going down.  It’s exciting to see progress and knowing that every month we ‘own’ a little more of our house.  I’ve been staying away from the local stores (aka Target and my favorite clothes store, Maurices).  I’ve actually returned a couple things the other day b/c I knew I wouldn’t wear them and they were more than I need (1 $4.95 shirt and 1 pair of $14.95 boots).  Now I find stuff pretty cheap but still, if I’m not going to use it, then I don’t need it.


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