Mortgage Pay Down March 2012….and other things


We are down to $116,9xx on our mortgage as of March 2012. We are on track as I had planned. I was looking at the numbers some more and I thought wouldn’t it be a nice goal to go down 10K every 6 months (which our kids birthdays are exactly 6 months apart). So the goal is to still pay down at least $1,250 extra a month for the mortgage. However, the expanding goal is to decrease our mortgage by 10K every 6 months. That means by June I want our mortgage to be 110K then by December 100K. I have 3 months of at least $1,250 is $3,750, but I still need $2,500 to pay out to get down in June. That would be an extra $800 each month! Which I know I can’t easily just pull something like that out, but nonetheless that is our goal and if we don’t reach it, we will be super close to it and that would be fabulous. ๐Ÿ˜€ We started just a couple months ago at $122 so we are moving along somewhat nicely.

We did open our IRA’s for both of us and have set up an automatic investing. It isn’t much but we were able to do $100 for each of us each month. I could throw that on the house, but I wanted a little something for our IRA’s at the very least. It feels like I haven’t sold anything as always, but I made over $250 for just a few items. The problem is we have a TON of nice stuff that I don’t just want to throw away b/c it is either brand new or like new. I have a ton of jeans and pants from places like Banana Republic and The Limited that I bought with full intentions of wearing, but had 2 babies in a row and there’s no way I can fit into those pants today. Nor do I want to save them as I want everything out of my house! They are new with tags, but I haven’t got a chance to list them anywhere. The few things I have sold have been related to cloth diapers and the such.

We now have figured out our ‘main’ cloth diaper stash and pretty much happy and settled with what we are doing. We have about 10 pocket diapers (6 BumGenius 4.0, 3 medium Perfect Size Fuzzibunz, & 1 off brand I got free in a trade :D). We use the pockets at home for hubby to change. In addition I have 17 prefolds (most are GMD red edge, but the other 7 were kinds we tried). The prefolds are for daycare and we also use at home when out of pockets. I now have 6 Flip covers & 4 Weehugger covers to use with prefolds or with ‘sleeves’ to put our hemp/bamboo inserts at nighttime for the 2.5 yrs old to sleep in as a nighttime diaper.

This week we will begin sending our Gerber training pants to daycare with our boy. He’s been doing pretty good with potty training, although we haven’t had the #2 situation figured out, but the peeing is doing really good. Except he won’t go at daycare for them. One day he went all day for them but they had a new teacher that day who thus quit after a day. So we are hoping with a new classroom and another new teacher, maybe he will want too.

I’m still readily looking for other jobs. I have another interview set up but I really need to push my boundaries and apply for non government positions. I know the for profit world, I would really excel. My skills I do have are very valuable and are more for saving money/making profit than in the setting of the ‘oh wells’ and where the government has the money to spend, so it’s not like they care in the sense where for profit businesses care…this is from my experience. However, my view of contracts and government is different than how it is practiced, but moving on. ๐Ÿ˜€

I’m really hoping though something good comes along. If not, I’m really trying to get our finances set up where we could potentially refinance if need be and have a lower payment on the house whereas if I did quit my job for a few years, we could make it. This is very extremely scary as I do carry the health insurance and am the breadwinner in our household, but I having hard times mentally working where I do and not having the meaning or at least the people who are enjoyable to work with. I need one or the other and right now both have died out since I began there. :/


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