I’m a 30 year old wife/mother of two toddlers under the age of 4 living in Texas.  I have a masters degree and twoone dog to boot.  I am a hippy at heart with common sense and idealistic about what is good for the public, although I am also in it for myself.  We got married in 2008 with a lot of debt from student loans, credit cards, car loans, and mortgage.  All of our debt is paid off as of 2011 except for the mortgage and investing for our retirement.  This is where it comes down to a hard push to get that debt out of our lives.

about this blog

This is a motherhood journey and personal finance blog.  My interest lie within parenting, eco friendly, saving money and time, money management, common sense, frugalness, personal growth, and the odd and end things in life.  This blog is about my personal wins and losses in motherhood, learning and unlearning, as well as my family’s personal goals.

why retire and love?

To me, the idea of ‘retire’ means to ‘be able to finally do something that I love to do instead of doing what I have to do to support my family’.  I want to be able to work for myself eventually as a small business owner or just be able to leave a job I don’t like if I want.  The ultimate goal of being able to be somewhere b/c I love the place and not b/c I need the paycheck.


This is a personal blog wrote and edited by myself.  This is a personal blog only.  I am a mom and a saver.  I am not a financial adviser or pretending to be one.  I want to retire (someday sooner than later)  and want to love life along the way.  What I write should not be taken to make financial or parenting decisions based on what I said, believe, or do myself.


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