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Weekend Round Up


Tried the local Baby Bazaar yesterday and after my time, trouble, and $ to enter…I only made $15.   I think I’m done with the local sales like that.  Cost (time, fees) > outcome ($).  I did, however, get some more cloth diaper pieces yesterday.  Note: THIS PART IS ONLY INTERESTING TO CLOTH DIAPERING CRAZIES.  You’ve been warned! 😉

We got some red edge and yellow edge GMD prefolds.  The yellow are perfect in Weehugger covers and the red are perfect in our new Flip covers (there is a B1G1 free sale going on right now, so these are a super great (and budget friendly) deal.  I can’t believe I didn’t know about this world with my son.  The money we could of saved from cloth vs disposables.  We also finally got a decent Planetwise large wet bag.  Although it’s currently full at the moment (I may need another one soon….), it does it’s purpose and bonus: you can’t smell anything bad in our bathroom!  I am still not in for a diaper sprayer yet, unless I find a really good deal.  I plan on making some vlogs soon when I get my hubby to fix up some of the technical pieces around here (like my theme and host me on a site other than wordpress).

Today my husband (after listening about how to use the new prefolds, etc) has his portfolio almost ready for his dream job he is applying.  It’s in another state and in the field he’s been wanting to go into since he was 18.  This is a big step for him as he likes comfort and friends he has at his worksite, but he really wants it.  I really hope he gets an opportunity for an interview, b/c that is where he shines.  He’s really good at what he does and he does a lot in minimal time (basically he’s the guy you go to when something was due yesterday and you need it then).  I’m still on the look out for other opportunities.  Call me a Gen-X’er, but I do get mentality bored in the same ol’ in and out days and I like new things, new challenges.  I believe my peak is 3 years (which is now) at a position that is the same ol’ routines for me to shine and help develop the company, then I’m ready for newer things.

I’m still very excited though that we are getting our mortgage slowly, but surely going down.  It’s exciting to see progress and knowing that every month we ‘own’ a little more of our house.  I’ve been staying away from the local stores (aka Target and my favorite clothes store, Maurices).  I’ve actually returned a couple things the other day b/c I knew I wouldn’t wear them and they were more than I need (1 $4.95 shirt and 1 pair of $14.95 boots).  Now I find stuff pretty cheap but still, if I’m not going to use it, then I don’t need it.


What do we really want and need?


What do I really want out of life? Right now I have everything I could ever want but I don’t see it all the time bc I get to focused on the ‘list’ I need to do.

I really want more time with my kids. I want to work some from home or just part time to achieve that; however I can’t right now. Full time to get benefits is where I’m at. My kids need to be with other kids and I don’t want to take that from them. But I need to be with them as well. :/ Only getting my few hours after work and weekends feels like nothing as time flies by. I have a 2.5 yr old who I swear was just a baby yesterday. Now I have a dancing, plane and car loving little man who needs his mommy to rub his face to go to sleep nightly. At least I still have that piece of my ‘baby’ boy. My little girl is now walking and doing her best to talk. Time flies by so fast, I forget I had no babies just 2.5 yrs ago.

I know paying off this mortgage is our best move right now, but 5 yrs makes my babies almost middle school aged. It’s so difficult.

We really just want to try a new lifestyle in a new place. Things stopping us: family is here, have to rent out house or sale, have to find jobs, and the hardest is figuring out how to find a cheap COL state like ours here. I’m so scared about daycare and good schools. I’m also afraid that I couldn’t get as good as a job as here. In my mind I’ve always told myself, if I have to work and be away from my kids then I should always try and get as much $ as I can being away from them. :/

It gets very depressing in my mind wanting it all but not being able to get it all. I know I want my kids, but I need them to have a good life that I want for them.

IRA and other acronyms


I’ve been researching IRA’s and where to even start. I have no clue. I’m new to all of this and the info I find isn’t current 2012 info. We don’t have a ‘local’ guy and I rather go with a company that will stay around. I just know we need to start one each for retirement/kids college. We got to find a place first.

We need a Roth IRA even though I don’t plan to make more in retirement than now. We have $1000 to start each fund and we can contribute at least $75 monthly. I believe we want mutual fund base, basically something that can sit and draw. We are completely new to this and I just know of terms and not how it all works (besides for my 401k at work which is very small). We need to make this happen. This is my January 2012 goal.

I saw some things about the Vanguard STAR…but looks like a high expense overhead? Also I saw something about a Barclay Bonds and those looked to be doing well? See how lost I am…

Do you have any advice?
Do you know of a current IRA laydown by another fellow PF blogger?

Cleaning time


With today being a MLK day and I have the day off work, I’ve been working hard to get my kitchen cleaned up some. You know you go day in and day out always saying “I need to clean up that right there” or “I need to get those out of the cabinets”. Well I’m trying to do that, like a good, through cleaning. All the while I’m trying to ‘potty train’ a 2.5 yr old, which is not easy. He’s sitting the in bathroom right now singing to his letters video on the iPad. I’m just anxiously awaiting for him to ‘accidently’ pee again while watching and praising him. He’s will sit in there for hours, albeit if the iPad is in there. We’ve been trying all weekend and I really hope he’s understanding a little of what we are doing (or what he is doing).

My goal for today is to pay some bills and pull those credit reports! I need to finish cleaning up some of the kitchen, doing some laundry, feeding two little ones (and myself for once today), and tackle them. This is usually what happens on my days off and holidays. I spent all the time in the world just cleaning and cleaning.

I was reading another blog last night over minimalism. When I start thinking about it, it is really hard to be a minimalism, a family with kids, and frugal. Here’s why: when stuff is on sale (or super cheap with a coupon sometimes), you want to stock up on it. Or you want to stock up on things you absolutely cannot handle as a family when it’s out aka toilet paper. I always want extra toilet paper. Nothing worse than being out at the wrong time. Also you want to get rid of everything! If you are type borderline A like me and want things to be clean otherwise you can’t fully relax, you want it all just gone. However, then you want more ‘efficient’ or ‘effective’ products. Like right now I have about 4 old hospital canisters I use to take my water to work. Well I’m like ‘those take up a lot of space and always washing those.’ Then I think ‘well I would really like to buy a new fancy Sigg or insert name of fancy water bottle here’, with the expectation that I (or my husband) would wash/clean it nightly for the next day. That means I’m paying for more stuff, which is ridiculous. Also while cleaning the kitchen I thought I keep all the extra 15 little medicine things you get with medicine bottles and use those for craft time for paint or something. No, I didn’t need to do that. I did throw them away b/c we always get more. It’s the little things that you are seriously wasting time thinking about. I’m all for reuse/recycle/reinvent, but man when will I stop spending all my time thinking about these small, unnecessary, ridiculous items and get on with my life. I’m constantly always in the stage of ‘purging’, yet I keep buying.

My husband and I talked about finances the other night. I’m more of the bookkeeper around here though. Another goal I have for myself for the next month (I want to say year, but I need to take it month by month) is to quit buying kids clothes. I need to look through the next size I have stowed away from them and make sure they have all the basics and make a list of what they do not have (aka like little guy needs a coat for next year) and when I go shopping, I can view the clearance/sales section and see if I find something off the list, but nothing more. Now for this to work, I really just need to stay away from the store (aka Target and Children’s Place). I just ended up spending $100 a few weeks ago on getting the next couple sizes up jeans, and a coat for little girl for next year, and lots of cute shirts. I got really good deals (like $2 shirts and $5 jeans (hard to find cheaper jeans, sizes usually aren’t there)).

Back to wanting to sell everything, I did manage to sell our jumperoo that little girl outgrew. Most of the bigger items of ‘baby’ things I’ve sold on craigslist, but I still have about 7-8 BIG tubs of clothes. From brand new with tags to worn once, we really overbought clothes and like crazy. I really need to sell all that but it takes a lot of time and I just don’t have that right now to devout. Usually there is a local community sale I did well last year at and I’ll attend this year…but I know I’m sitting on a lot of money right there and space.

Checking any ghosts


Well it’s on my shorten goal list for this quarter and I’ve delayed it enough this year. I plan to check all of our credits this month (even our children). I’m not expecting any surprises, nor do I want any. I need to make sure 1) there are no surprises (circa 2004 incident again) and 2) all my debtors over the past year has reported debt being paid in full.

In 2004, I checked my credit and low and behold, I was suddenly a man with a cell phone contract opened in a completely different state. Sprint opened this account and I asked them: 1) does it sound like I’m a man (the name used was a shorten version of my name) 2) did you check any verification? I have to deal Sprint, a credit collecting agency, and multiple mailings to the Big 3 credit agencies to get that removed. I could of paid the expense but that would of stayed on my credit report although it would have been cheaper and took less time in the long run; but it wasn’t me.

I’m hoping it goes smooth and I don’t find anything crazy since it’s been two years since we’ve pulled them. In those 2 years, we’ve paid off all our debt except mortgage so I’m hoping that makes us look good. I’m also hoping I get some ‘mommy alone’ time this weekend to do paperwork like this.

blogging venture….let’s try this out again


I’ve blogged under quite a few different blogs and would change names after a while b/c the intent of the blog didn’t go alongside what I was writing.  This blog is what I’m about now and will be about for a long time to come unless I mysteriously win the lottery I never play. 😉

This blog will cover the following topics (+/-):
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