1a. Fully fund both Roth IRA’s for by April 2013.
1b. Save and fully fund 2014 Roth’s.

2. Increase 401k from to 7% to 8-10%. For end of 2013, I raised from 5% to 7%.

3. Push up our FFEF to $15k by end of year.

2012 Goals:
Pay down mortgage to $100K
Mortgage began in 2008 at ~$130K.
End 2011: $122K
January 2012: $119,7xx
February 2012: $118,5xx
March 2012: $116,9xx
Update 1/2014: By May 2013, we had paid down to $100K-$105K and sold the house.

2. To reach goal #1, pay at least $1,250 extra on mortgage per month.

3. Take at least 1 vacation during 2012. DONE. Took 3 mini vacations to a water park.

4. Prepare a will. DONE in 2013. Now must update in 2014 to new state.

5. Open up a IRA for both of us & invest. –> DONE JAN 2012


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