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Mortgage Pay Down Feb 2012


So Feb 2012 we are down to $118,5xx.

Another month, another step closer to our goal for the year. Right now career wise we would both like to try new ventures. The main thing, and mostly only thing, stopping me is our mortgage. I would love to teach but the $ isn’t there and we got to get our stuff paid off before I can start living ‘dreams’. 🙂

…..but 118,5xx woo-hoo!!! Slowly but surely it will start coming down and looking better!!!


Mortgage Pay Down January 2012


Mortgage as of Jan. 2012 beginning: $122K+
Mortgage Pay Down of Jan. 2012: $119,950K+

Finally after 4 years of getting our first mortgage we are below $120K.
2012 goal: 100K
If we reach that goal, then the extra $50+ month going towards PMI can be redirected to our mortgage.
That’s almost a full mortgage payment per year extra by just paying down our debt!